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About Me

As a descendent from a family empowered with heightened psychic abilities, my intuitive gifts revealed itself before teenage year. The gifts inherited from generation to generation continue with my daughters who embraced an intuitive path with compassion. At the age of twelve, I initiated Tarot cards interpretation and started to understand the meaning of cards to explore my own path.


Over the years, vision and prediction validations prompted me to expand into the sixth sense dimension. At the age of sixteen, the sixth sense dimension developed rapidly allowing me to enhance Tarot card reading interpretation and over time consistently maintain an elevated level of prediction accuracy.

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My Mission

My mission is to empower your spiritual journey, raise awareness about what lies ahead, provide guidance to find answers to attain a balanced life path

My Vision

I aspire to create a sanctuary where individuals seeking answers and insight can find comfort, support, and a renewed sense of purpose. My vision is to demystify the mystical, making the profound world of tea and tarot accessible to all. I envision a future where every person has an opportunity for positive transformation, where they walk away from my readings with a profound sense of empowerment and spiritual growth. 

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